When you start a business, chances are you will wear all the hats. But as your business grows it becomes more difficult to juggle the responsibilities that come with running a business. The hardest thing to accept is that we don’t have to know and do everything. It’s perfectly acceptable to pass the baton to people who have the skills we lack so that our business can grow. 

Brio Cooney of Brio Photography started her business over 20 years ago, as her business and family grew, she realized that in order “to do everything” she needed to build a team for her business. We sat down with Brio for an interview about the challenges of working with her husband, running a team and learning to trust others with her vision so that she could take care of her family on her terms. 

About Our Guest

Brio Cooney

Brio Cooney

Wedding + Commercial Photography


Brio Cooney, owner of Brio Photography, first fell in love with photography at the age of 17 when her grandmother bought her a film camera as a graduation gift. After spending six months in Jamaica, taking as many pictures as she could, Brio found her path and her passion. As soon as she returned to Austin, she enrolled at ACC and earned an Associate’s Degree in Photography. 

Today, she and her husband run and operate a full-service studio shooting weddings, portraits and commercial photography in the Austin area. She’s been voted as The Knot’s “Best Wedding Photographer” four times in a row. She’s a proud mother of three children! 

What started on a small Caribbean island 20 years ago has opened the doors to a life of creativity and she is so grateful for it all!

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Burger-heavy food trailer with a clever menu of Mexican & Jewish mash-up fare, potato latkes & more.

Good quality ingredients, crispy laktes, amazinggg customer service, clean food truck, easy to find, seating outside with umbrellas for shade. Would come back! 🙂

Topics Discussed

  • Brio discusses her introduction to photography, the day she took the leap into going full-time.
  • Brio discussed her transition from film to digital and how she attended Adobe conferences to learn Photoshop.
  • What is the best career advice you ever received?
  • Have you ever said no to a project or proposal? 
  • Brio’s most interesting project she’s ever worked on which was a commercial shoot for the Round Rock Police Department.
  • How to find commercial clients and how to book your wedding clients. Commercial photography is strictly word-of-mouth and wedding clients find Brio through The Knot.
  • The Knot and Bridal Expos – are they worth the expense?
  • Brio discusses her large speedlite collection and why it’s vital for her shoots.
  • Brio – Husband on leaving his 9-5 and joining Brio as a fulltime photographer. 
  • The importance of setting business hours for yourself and finding the balance of work-life vs. personal life.
  • How hiring a fulltime photo editor and social media manager was the best decision for her business and how trusting her team helped her business grow even more.
  • Networking today versus before social media. What are the pros and cons? How does social media help you network today?


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