Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years? 10 years? Success looks different for each of us, but most entrepreneurs haven’t envisioned what success actually means to them. Thinking about your “why” is extremely important to your business’s growth. In this episode, we each discuss our personal definition of success and where we see our businesses in the future.

Restaurant of

the Week


Le Politique

110 San Antonio St Austin, TX 78701

Bright downtown brasserie, cafe & patisserie serving French fare in contemporary surrounds.

Hands down my favorite Thai place in town! I come here at least once every couple of weeks! The food is always super fresh, and the Thai seasonings are just perfect. Tonight we got the papaya salad, Tom Yum fried rice and the crab fried rice. Delicious!!

Topics Discussed

  • Mica, Cheyenne, and Cayla each discuss what we learned from the episode with Brio Cooney.
    • Mica: Having a schedule, setting those hours and sticking with the schedule. It’s important for entrepreneurs to have a schedule, and your clients will come to respect it. Outsourcing, knowing when the time is right to delegate your tasks to focus on what’s important. Networking, attending as many events as you can. And lastly, taking on any and all jobs even if you’re not fully prepared for it. 
    • Cheyenne: Outsourcing, finding people to handle tasks that you’re not good at. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for hiring help to run your business. 
    • Cayla: Loved Brio’s story of how she got into photography and how she didn’t let her lack of knowledge stop her from continuing. 
  • What’s your workflow?
    • Cheyenne:
      • Editing:
        1. Import all photos to Lightroom and star each photo 1-4. Each photo rated 4 gets edited.
        2. Move photos to photoshop and edit from there. 
        3. Once images are edited, export and upload to Google Drive. Send an email to the client with a link to download.
    • Mica: 
      • Thamica Photography
        1. Import images through Photo Mechanic and do a quick “Keep & Go” cull. 
        2. Take a 30 min. break. Order their gallery delivery box.
        3. The second round of culling is to decide which photos to edit.
        4. Form an editing plan. 
        5. Pick the best 25 photos, edit those quickly, export and order prints to be delivered to the studio.
        6. Edit images using Mastin Labs Presets.
        7. One last look to make any last-minute changes. 
        8. Export images, upload to Pixieset, and prepare USB Drive with Print Release, High & Low Res Images of the entire gallery, Thank You card, and business card. 
        9. Ship out Gallery Announcement.
        10. Email Client “Thank You” note with a link to the gallery.
        11. A week after gallery delivery, email client with a link to blog survey and ask for a positive review on Facebook.
      • Austin Food Guide/Food Photography
        • Currently reviewing workflow for commercial clients to create an experience for them.
    • Cayla:
        1. Import  & Cull with Photo Mechanic.
        2. Do a second cull in Lightroom and even further as editing continues.
        3. Export a few images for sneak peak.
        4. Edits images using Mastin Presets.
        5. Export images for Pixieset, Too Bright Lights, Instagram and Facebook. Upload images to Pixieset.
        6. Send client gallery announcement via email.
        7. Order gallery box, USB, and prints to be delivered to the client. 
        8. For videography clients, mail a package with popcorn and candy. Also, send the video file using Mediazilla.
  • Sending out Welcome Packages to clients right after they sign their contract.
  • What does success look like to you? We go into detail about what success looks like to us.
  • Can money buy happiness? Money gives us choices in life. We discuss the importance of money.
  • What does the perfect life look like to you?
  • What makes you an entrepreneur?
  • Do you think about the kind of life you want to build? What does full time look like to you?
  • Do you know what you’re capable of?
  • How are you using your time? Do you plan your day out?
  • What personal creative projects are you going to do this year just for you? 

Final Thoughts

  • Cheyenne: Nothing additional. We covered so much!
  • Mica: Sit down and write out where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and 30 years. This will help you develop real tangible ideas of what your business will be and how you look at your business.
  • Cayla: When you’re working on your projects, realize what you’re charging is not your net income and be comfortable charging what you need to meet your net income. Sit down and write down all of your expenses then add them up to see what you really need to be making to afford the lifestyle you want.


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