Nobody taught us about marketing and branding in photography school. We picked up a few things over the years through trial and error, podcasts, books, and online courses, but we’re still figuring it all out. 

Learning how to brand yourself is vital to marketing your photography business. We often confuse one for the other and at the end of the day, our heads are swimming with questions and more questions. Articles tell us that in order to find the right client and market to that client, you have to know what your brand is. What does that mean though?

Restaurant of

the Week


Black Oyster Pearl Bar

327 23rd St, Galveston, TX 77550

Neighborhood hangout with a New Orleans motif serving raw & cooked Cajun & Creole seafood staples.

Photo by: Texas Highway Magazines

What People Have Said:

This was absolutely to best food we had all week while here on vacation. You definitely get your money’s worth times 10. Make sure to ask for Ivan. He is very attentive and take great care of his customers like they are family.

Topics Discussed

  • The definition of marketing and branding.
  • How to market yourself as a photographer.
  • How your photography style contributes to your business brand.
  • The difference between a business brand and a personal brand.
  • Favorite marketing strategies/marketing strategies that have worked for us.
  • Best techniques to market your business with a small budget.
  • The reason why branding is important.
  • Top reasons you should select colors for your brand.
  • Resources, books, Youtube channels we recommend.
  • What we wish we knew when we first started out.


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