Is it normal to lose friends on an entrepreneurial journey? Yes. But it’s not because you stop caring about them. When your focus shifts to building a business, and you have limited free time, you become more selective with what you do in your spare time and who you spend your free time with.

Starting a business is very similar to having a baby. Your entire life changes, as do your friendships and relationships. Most survive the transition, while others slowly fade away.

In this episode, we discuss the changes that happen within yourself and your relationships when you start a business.

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Topics Discussed

  • What we each took away from Ransom’s interview:
    • Mica: Holly Hunter is NOT married to Kevin Bacon. Kyra Sedgwick (an equally talented actress in her own right) is his wife and they have been married since 1988.
    • Cheyenne: Goals. He took his pain and turned it into art. It’s a goal of mine to open myself up to that vulnerable state.
    • Cayla: It was cool and interesting that he went back to the town that gave him so much criticism growing up.
  • Getting published in magazines, online publications, and blogs.
    • Cayla:
      • How she got her work published by submitting her work through an online submission platform “Two Bright Lights.”
      •  What do you get out of being published? It creates a feeling of validation and making connections with other vendors.
    • Mica:
      • Contacted local magazines in the Austin area and shared her portfolio.
      • Most magazine assignments will have a small budget.
      • Published in Saveur Magazine for their food blog awards.
      • Put yourself out there, deliver images quickly.
      • What are tearsheets? Find out here.
        • Adding tearsheets to your websites gives commercial clients an idea of what your work looks like with text overlay.
        • Adds validation to your name. It shows that you have experience in the commercial world.
  • How have the friendships you had before you started your business changed since you’ve started your business?
  • Becoming more selective with how you spend your free time and who you spend your free time with.
  • What does actual support look like?
  • Handling negativity and jealousy from your friends.
  • How did starting your business affect your familial relationships?
  • When a family member calls your career a “hobby.”
  • How has working with your friends affected those friendships?
  • Building relationships with vendors while working on a shoot.
  • How to support a friend who decides entrepreneurship is not for them.

Final Thoughts

  • Cheyenne: Look into art galleries as a way of getting your art out there. As for friendships, think about how you’d like to be treated and treat your friends that way.
  • Mica: You’re going to find out who you’re real friends are. You’ll also find out more about yourself too. The friends who truly support you will be there for you. Don’t listen to negative comments. As for publishing, just put yourself out there. Support your friends just as much as you want and need support.
  • Cayla: Starting a business can be a whole lot like having a kid, everything changes so be prepared for those changes.