From our very first year in school, we’re taught that a college degree is the only way to be successful. But what if college is not the road you want to go down? What if you want to follow a different path? Adeline, better known as Addie, Rock opted out of college and never looked back. Having learned photography and videography through internships during middle and high school, she decided to pursue photography right after graduating. In this episode, we discuss the importance of trusting your gut, finding a support system, and believing in yourself despite what society tells you.

About Our Guest

Adeline Rock

Adeline Rock

Elopement + Wedding Photography Hi friends! I’m a wedding + adventure elopement photographer based in Austin, but traveling all over for my career. Getting to capture true love is my dream job, and I’m so stoked to be living this life!!

Restaurant of

the Week


Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Breakfast tacos & traditional dishes in a basic setting with an outdoor patio.
Photo Credit: Juan in a Million
There restaurant is festive and totally packed with people who are here to enjoy the food and the company of others. The food was served quickly and hot. The choices were many and widely diverse in the Mexican culture. Plus, the food was authentically Mexican.

Topics Discussed

  • The decision to prioritize entrepreneurship over the traditional higher education path.
  • Running a business at a young age and encountering ageism in the photography industry.
  • Finding internships and opportunities by reaching out.
  • Getting into the elopement side of wedding photography.
  • How to make a couple feel more comfortable during a session and capture real, authentic emotions.
  • Addie discusses the hurdles she faced and how she overcame them?
  • When your art is taken for granted and the best way to handle that.
  • Addie discusses how her faith has impacted her business in any way and how it changed the way she serves her clients.
  • The pivotal moment when Addie noticed a real change in her work.
  • Addie discusses why many people believe that entrepreneurship is challenging to the point it becomes overwhelming and too much to handle. 


  • The Heart University (Evie Rupp & Lindsey Roman) – Link
  • Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuck


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