Imagine packing up everything you own, leaving a community you love and moving to a completely new city where you don’t have a single friend or business connection.

This is exactly what our guest did when she and her husband packed their bags and moved to Austin, Texas. Chelsea Francis has built a community of female entrepreneurs, her photography business, an online publication, and a creative collaboration celebrating women’s bodies.

Not wanting to make it all sound so glamorous, Chelsea talks candidly about the roughest period in her life and how she overcame it all.

In this episode, we dive into all kinds of topics ranging from the challenges of working in a male-dominated field, embracing our bodies by ignoring the rules we set for ourselves, and building a community when you don’t have one of your own.

About Our Guest

Chelsea Francis

Chelsea Francis

Editorial + Fashion Photography

Chelsea Francis is a photographer, editor, connector, and all-around people person out of Austin, TX. She’s most passionate about helping others see the beauty in their own lives, a good cup of coffee, and a great slice of pizza. When she’s not answering emails, she’s editing pieces for Pass/Fail, hosting networking events, and shooting and editing photographs for incredible companies both in Austin and elsewhere.

Restaurant of

the Week


Little Mexico

2304 S 1st St Austin, TX 78704

Old-school Mexican fixture offers a wide variety of classic comfort eats in a no-nonsense setting.

What a great little hidden gem. This place is adorable and delicious. Really feels like you’re eating in someone’s home with a home cooked meal. Definitely the best enchiladas in all of south Austin.

Topics Discussed

  • Sexual Harassment in the fashion industry.
  • Receiving sexually explicit direct messages “DM’s” on Instagram.
  • How to conduct yourself during a photoshoot to help your model stay calm.
  • Work as if you’d like to be treated that way.
  • Sending images to models before sending to publication.
  • Sharing photos based on the model’s reaction to what they’re shown
  • Are you inviting harassment by sharing sexy photos of yourself? As a burlesque dancer, boudoir model, lingerie model, etc.?
  • Are we making progress as a society? Me Too, movement.
  • How do you assert yourself when in a male dominated field.
  • Is it your responsibility to educate men on how to conduct themselves?
  • How Chelsea got into photography.
  • Leaving her community to relocate to a completely different city.
  • Building a community when moving to a new city.
  • What helped me motivated even during those rough months before finding clients.
  • Thinking outside the box when you need to bring in more capital.
  • My failures and successes are a result of what I do
  • What to do when the worst thing that could happen happens.
  • When her camera gear was stolen. Sometimes the fear is worse than the actual happening.
  • Going to therapy and battling anxiety


The Goods

  • Business Coach – Live for Creatives Kate Wussow
  • Joanie Simon’s The Bite Shot “Fulltime Frameworks” 
  • Small Town Murder Podcast –

Chelsea’s Resources:

  • Pass/Fail – Weekly Essay and Monthly meetups.
  • End of September at Splendid Hospitality
  • Living Above The Rules
  • Chelsea’s Podcast Recommendations:
  • The Cut on Tuesday’s
  • How I Get It Done series
  • Without Fail
  • The Clearing
  • Lana Del Rey’s New Album “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”
     Good Christian Fun
  • Photography Q&A – Zach Arias



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