*Disclaimer Warning
We just wanted to let you know that there are trigger warnings in this episode for sexual assault and sexual harassment. Due to the somber nature of this episode, we will not be mentioning any discount codes or affiliates. We do think that this is an incredibly important topic within the industry and if it is safe for your mental health, we hope that you will continue listening. You can also continue the discussion with us after this episode on Facebook at A Tribe Called F. If you have a private story you would like to share with us, you can email us at thefstopshow@gmail.com.

What do you do if you experience sexual harassment while shooting a wedding or event? There’s no HR department to report to, no manager, and no clear guidelines to hold anyone accountable.

When freelance photographers start out, experiencing sexual harassment is the least of their worries, until they experience some form of sexual harassment. In today’s episode, we discuss our experiences with sexual harassment while on assignment and ways we can create a safe environment for all of us.

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Traditional Thai & fusion dishes are served at this popular, modern bistro.

Hands down my favorite Thai place in town! I come here at least once every couple of weeks! The food is always super fresh, and the Thai seasonings are just perfect. Tonight we got the papaya salad, Tom Yum fried rice and the crab fried rice. Delicious!!

Topics Discussed

  • What we each took away from Mark’s interview:
    • Mica: Just trust your instincts, find out how much you’re supposed to be making and follow those numbers.  Don’t waver from your rates and accept that it’s okay if a client says no.
    • Cheyenne: Loved that Mark confirmed how product shots are done.
    • Cayla: I identified with him when he said that he prefers the business side of photography.
  • Mica discusses a time when she was groped by a guest at an event she shot at.
  • Adding a “sexual harassment” clause in your contracts.
  • Cheyenne discusses receiving inappropriate messages on Instagram.
  • Cayla describes a time when her husband David was groped by a female guest.
  • Photographers: Have a point of contact if you shoot events alone. Check-in with them before and after your event.
  • Models: Bring a friend with you to photoshoots or create a letter with your point of contact to let them know that you’re in danger.
  • The proper protocol for adjusting a client’s body part.


Final Thoughts

  • Cheyenne: Always bring a person with you to shoots. Make sure there’s a contract. Ask as many questions as you want to get all of the information you need.
  • Mica: Photographers, leave if you experience sexual harassment of any kind. Talk about it and don’t hide your story. Models, let someone know where you’re going or bring a friend with you to the shoot or utilize the app “Find My Friends.” One last thing, write down the location of the shoot and whatever details on a piece of paper and leave it on your desk. If you have experienced sexual harassment, share your story with a trusted friend or family, and if you’re comfortable enough, share your story online to prevent other models from experiencing what you went through. Don’t do nudes if you don’t feel comfortable doing so and find out where you’re photos are going.
  • Cayla: Don’t drink alcohol at fashion shoots. If you’re offered champagne, beer or liquor, don’t drink anything offered to you.


    • Marcus Hyde – Accused of soliciting nude photographs from models on Instagram.
    • Austin Area Models & Photographers