We sat down and talked to Nikk Nguyen about his love of photography and making sure at the end of the day, he can call his clients his friends because that’s his brand. We learn how he mastered SEO and became “certified by Youtube.”

We delved into how he used photography to overcome a bout of depression and how he is using film photography to fight burnout.

We stepped into his world of SEO and updating those SEO standards and how he uses his knowledge and community to assist in those goals.

About Our Guest

Nikk Nguyen

Nikk Nguyen

Wedding Photographer


Nikk is a full-time wedding photographer residing in Austin, Texas. In his spare time, he likes to wrestle with his pups, skateboard around the neighborhood, and hang out on the couch with his girlfriend. He’s currently as happy as he can be living with just the 5  of them (Carolina, Murph, Tater, & Apple) in their cozy house experiencing this crazy adventure called life.

Nikk has been a photographer for 5 years now and he’s explored almost every sub-genre of this profession. In this short journey thus far he’s realized that the only thing that can make his heart skip a beat, put a smile on his face, and bring a tear to his eye is capturing love stories. He views his job as not a documentor, but a keeper of time. The thought of the couple sharing these photos 20, 30, 40 years from now and feeling like it was just yesterday when their love was so fresh simply gives him goosebumps.



Restaurant of

the Week


Maudie’s Tex-Mex

1212 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (Multiple Locations) 

Long-running local chain serving Tex-Mex faves & margaritas in a lively, casual setting.
(Photo by Maudiestexmex IG)
Excellent Mexican food. The service is great, and I think their frozen margaritas are the best in town. The only downside, it’s a little bit noisy if it gets crowded, otherwise highly recommended!
– David Fore

Topics Discussed

  • Nikk discusses his first paid and unpaid shoot.
  • Nikk explains, how a motorcycle accident and subsequent depression, he found his love and passion for photography.
  • Discussing all things film.
  • Why Nikk sticks to digital when shooting weddings.
  • How being a ‘Keeper of Time’ changed his process, not only with shooting but also his outlook with clients.
  • The photographer that he looks up to in his personal photography journey: Jonas Peterson
  • Check out Nikk’s workshop: Southern Love Workshop
  • We discuss how Nikk took the reins when it came to his mastery of SEO.
  • Using an SEO service to learn the basics. Was it worth the price?
    • Selling their services, not their knowledge
  • How to make SEO a daily objective and tending to it regularly.
  • Build your SEO by getting published



  • Youtube
  • Southern Love Workshop



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