The key to owning a being a business owner is learning to balance. It all comes down to balance. When you’re juggling many different priorities in your life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Our dear friend and fellow photographer, Jasmine Hazelton, is finding her balance. Starting a new part-time photography business, pursuing a nursing degree, and preparing for motherhood, Jasmine is learning how to do things on her own time and her terms.

About Our Guest

Jasmine Hazelton

Jasmine Hazelton

Family Photography

I’m a family and senior portrait photographer who loves making people of all ages smile. I was a nanny for four years, taking photos of the kids and architecture. It was just a year ago when I missed having a human presence in my architecture photos, which made me dive into portrait photography. I’ve always believed that home isn’t the place, it is  the people who make it.

As someone who loves to travel, I found comfort photographing others in their happiest moments. My happiest moment? Well, right now it’s eating an organic cinnamon roll.

Restaurant of

the Week



2307 Manor Rd. Austin, TX 78722

This food truck outside the Vortex theater dishes up old-school Italian standards & housemade pasta.

“Best pasta in town. House made with scratch ingredients to create a stunning variety of dishes. I’ve had the Pomodoro and the Red Sauce. Service is always great and very homey and family. Can’t say enough great things about this spot.”

Topics Discussed

  • Jasmine discusses why she decided to switch from Architectural to Family & Senior Photography.
  • Jasmine discusses how she first got into photography.
  • What do you fear the most as a new business owner? Jasmine explains her fears of not finding financial stability.
  • When a more well-known photographer steals your idea and passes it as their own.
  • What benefits do you see about having a Plan B? Jasmine discusses why she chose to have a fallback and why she chose to pursue nursing.
  • Jasmine discusses her plans for how she plans to balance her photography business, nursing school goals, and motherhood. 
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Jasmine opens up about her future dreams.
  • Jasmine discusses who she hopes to connect with on the podcast.
  • Does wanting stability prevent you from pursuing entrepreneurship? We each discuss our opinion on the topic.
  • Jasmine discusses what she’s most excited about being a mompreneur. 
  • Jasmine’s Final Questions:
    • When did you feel ready to raise your rates?
    • How do you allocate your time for your business?