Rejection. We’ve all experienced rejection at one point in our lives, and it’s expected when building a business. But when it happens, it’s completely devastating. One rejection, be it small or large, can send you down a dark hole of negativity and days of self-destructive behavior. So, how do we handle rejection in a way that moves us forward? In this episode, we discuss rejection and how it helps us to be better entrepreneurs. 

Restaurant of

the Week


Stiles Switch BBQ

6610 N Lamar BlvdAustin, TX 78757

BBQ joint in Violet Crown shopping center for smoked meats & local draft beer amid old-school decor.

Darn good BBQ. Loved the sauce and the staff was great. Good beer selection and did I mention the BBQ was seriously good? I got the 2 meat with brisket and St. Louis style ribs. This was a couple slices of brisket and 2 ribs. The sides were generous but next time I would get the 3 meat with brisket x2.

Topics Discussed

  • We each discussed what we learned from Frank’s episode [Ep 2].
  • Cheyenne discusses her most recent job rejection and her discomfort discussing money with leads.
  • The pros and cons of paid vs. nonpaid internships.
  • Mica discusses her most recent rejection with a restaurant and her disappointment about walking away so quickly.
  • The importance of not dwelling too long on a rejection.
  • What is your love language?
  • Cayla discussed her most recent rejection with a client who changed their wedding date several times and ultimately chose a day when she was already booked.
  • The importance of constructive criticism.
  • How to do a critique? Cheyenne explains what Frank Curry [Ep 2] taught her about critiquing.
  • Facebook Critique Groups–are they worth it?
  • Constructively criticizing your own work.
  • Imposter Syndrome. Cayla, Cheyenne, and Mica go into detail about moments when they felt imposter syndrome.
  • We each update one another on business.