Taking the road trip of her life convinced Tammy to pursue a life long love affair and career with photography. Though she ended up loving people more than landscapes, her idea of mixing travel and photography have not changed. We talk with her about setting up and running two successful businesses one in New England and the other in Austin.

How she navigated from living in the corporate world to being a full time solopreneur. What struggles and triumphs did she not see coming and how she overcame them. 

About Our Guest

Tammy Arnold

Tammy Arnold

Wedding & Elopement Photography


Tamara is an Austin based wedding photographer for couples who want a fun photo experience. She prides herself on being able to capture joy and real moments throughout a couple’s wedding day to provide a gallery that is authentic and true to the day. Tamara is always down for an adventure, whether it’s going the extra mile for an epic shot, a destination wedding, or exploring National Parks. Her adventurous spirit, excitement for photography, and bubbly personality coverts her couples into friends and leaves little wonder as to why she has raving 5 star reviews.

Restaurant of

the Week


Café No Sé

1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Bright spot in the South Congress Hotel for seasonal menus in a chic, rustic-modern space.

Photo by Koko's guide to Austin

You go to Cafe No Sé for healthy-ish food and a cool setting – it’s in the South Congress Hotel, and the space is big and bright. You’ve probably seen their avocado toast on Instagram, but Cafe No Sé has a lot more to offer that falls in the “kind of healthy” category. We like it best during the first half of the day- for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Enjoy the good view, and get a side of pancakes with your kale salad.

– Marisa Dunn (Infatuation)

Topics Discussed

  • We talk about how Tammy started her love of photography…with a five month road trip!
  • Tammy’s first gig, she was paid 50 bucks! Her advice: know you’re worth and don’t get paid until you know what you are doing.
  • Being in corporate America taught Tammy the structure she needs to run her business but it also taught her that the corporate life is not for everyone.
  • Being your own boss means more than just being The Boss!
  • Leaving corporate taught Tammy she can make her own time, wake up at 11; no problem! That doesn’t mean she’s not hustling when awake.
  • With her business in both New England and Austin, Tammy had to make those connections to thrive.
  • Time is more valuable than money.
  • Even though Tammy is comfortable with working with family, she always sets boundaries; that means CONTRACTS!
  • Does just charging for travel hurt the industry?
  • When packing, what are you priorities?
  • Talking Contracts: Travel fee and the “Not being able to show up clause”.
  • Easy way to travel and take photos: get hired by a cruise.



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