Getting what you want out of life isn’t always easy. Why do photographers struggle to ask for their worth? There’s no weakness in asking. Frank Curry discusses the power of asking and how going for what you want can change your life. 

About Our Guest

Frank Curry

Frank Curry

Product + Fine Art Photography | Professor

Frank received a BS in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University. After graduation, he ran a photo lab and worked as a freelance photo assistant in Boston and Austin. He began teaching at ACC in 1995. ⁣

When he’s not teaching, Frank’s hard at work fighting for the repeal of the Inverse Square Law.

Restaurant of

the Week


Garbo’s Lobster Truck

14735 Bratton Ln Austin, TX 78728

A spin-off of a buzzy food truck spotlighting New England seafood in small space with coastal charm.

I’ve eaten Garbo’s quite a few times and will keep coming back. I’m leaving a review to say, please keep making the Lobster BLT! It was the sooo good. It’s the best thing I’ve had from here. Yum!

Topics Discussed

  • Frank discussed what he loves to photograph.
  • Frank tells us about his first paid job.
  • We discussed how Frank found work when first starting out.
  • We discussed why having a backup plan sets you up for failure.
  • Finding time to reflect, relax, and tune out from the world.
  • Frank tells us about the time he lost a client and how it changed the way he ran his business.
  • Outsourcing, how do you feel about it?
  • Frank explained the importance of being transparent with your client when it comes to pricing your work.
  • TFP = Trade For Pictures, Frank discusses why he doesn’t do TFP.
  • Mica and Frank delve deeper into why creatives are so hesitant to talk about money.
  • Cheyenne discusses why women are so hesitant to ask for money.